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Training course 6.050503 Mechanical Engineering

It is impossible to imagine the existence of a high level of civilization without the use of biologically active substances of biotechnological origin of compounds and their derivatives. That is why the graduates to develop biotechnological and pharmaceutical equipment and design related companies are in great demand.

Biotechnics allows mankind to explore and use living things (biological agents) and their parts. For example can serve as vehicles for the cultivation of biological agents (fermenters) and devices for processing the biological mass (filters, centrifuges, separators, granulators, dryers, etc.) - is in production.

For the latest pharmaceutical and test systems used in the pharmaceutical industry complex and various equipment for synthesis, purification, a finished dosage forms - injection, tablets, encapsulated, transdermal, etc..

Technique for cloning, in vitro fertilization in vitro, various manipulations with cell organoids - a tech in science.

If you are interested in this, or interested in, if you think it is - your future, studying at the Department of Bioengineering and Engineering - just for you!

Professionals are preparing for the educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master in the direction of "Machinery".

The department was founded in 2001 on the newly created Department of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. We prepare professionals who are well oriented in the foreign and domestic equipment, pharmaceutical and microbiological industries and thus:

      1. Engineering to carry out the implementation of this equipment in domestic factories with further support and maintenance;

      2. New equipment designs pharmaceutical and microbiological industries for manufacturing of domestic machine-building factories.

After receiving a diploma "mechanical engineer" in "Hardware pharmaceutical and biotech industries" you can work in the business sector, particularly in the pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsya", JSC "Kyivmedpreparat", JSC "Farmak" CJC "Borshchahivskiy CPP" JSC "Stirolbiotech" and the food industry.Graduates receive a diploma graduate "Engineer-researcher" and have the opportunity to work in research institutes, the National aсademy Sciences of Ukraine, in research laboratories of the industry.

Entrance tests: mathematics, physics, and Ukrainian.More information about the specialty and the training you will receive at the Department of Bioengineering and Engineering.