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Department of biotechnics and engineering.

Places of passing of practice:

Joint-stock COMPANY of “FARMAK”, Kiev,04073, street of Frunze, 63, t. 417-10-55.

Joint-stock COMPANY of «Farmak» is a leading enterprise of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, which confidently occupies the second place among domestic pharmaceutical enterprises.

Joint-stock COMPANY is the “Pharmaceutical firm “DARNICYa”,Kiev, 02093, a street is Boryspil, 13, t.566-76-41.

The «Pharmaceutical firm «Darnicya» is joint-stock COMPANY a modern pharmaceutical company which develops dinamically, - by the producer of the different prepared medical forms and pharmacological groups.

Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of Ukraine,  Kyiv, 03057, street of Zhelyabova, 2a, t. 256-62-82.

Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of  Ukraine - Ukraine a leading center in the field of heat and mass transfer, heat and energy saving heat technology. Institute's research focused on thermal processes, the development of the theory of heat transfer, thermal measurement variables and solving the problems of energy efficiency during production, transportation and consumption of thermal energy, comprehensive modernization of municipal power system through the development and implementation of regional programs involving fuel and energy potential renewable energy and local fuels.

JSC "Biopharma", Kiev, vul.Amosova, 9.

Limited liability company "Start Pharma", Kyiv, br Lepse, 8.

Limited liability company  "Pharma Start" is developing, manufacturing and industrial production of medicines in the form of tablets, capsules, powders and granules in packages including effervescent preparations containing psychotropic substances and carries them wholesale trade.

NTUU "KPI", FBT, dep. BI, Kyiv

Graduates can work as:

- Design engineer.

- Mechanical Engineers.

Jobs graduates:

• Joint-stock COMPANY "Farmak"

• Limited liability company "Pharma Start":

• JSC "Biopharma"