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Bioengineering and Engineering

BURTNA Inessa Anatoliyvna - associate arofessor, candidate of technical sciences.


She graduated in 1984 year Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, department of chemical mechanical building. In 1991 year she defended her thesis on "Machinery and equipment of chemical industries." In NTUU "KPI" since 1979 year, the department of bioengineering and engineering - since 2004 year.

Efforts Assoc. Burtnoyi I.A. on the department's teaching and research laboratory of membrane technology in which students acquire skills application of modern wastewater treatment technology of organic impurities.

Scientific-methodological improvements assistant professor Burtnoyi I.A. is 62 publications, including the textbook "Membrane release of methane from gas mixtures. Theoretical foundations. Mathematical modeling ". Methodological publications labeled NTUU "KPI" in number 7 publicationse. 8 - Patents Ukraine.

Educational process of department Assoc. Burtna I.A. provides academic disciplines: "Processes, apparatus and equipment industries - 1. Theoretical basis of transport processes. Thermal processes" (FBT), "Processes, apparatus and machinery industries - 2. Hidrodinamichni, mechanical and mass transfer processes "(FBT)," Membrane Processes Biotechnology "(FBT)," Introduction to the profession "(FBT).

Member of the State Examination Commission.

Scientific activity directions - membrane technology in particular - the separation of liquid hydrocarbons, water purification from organic impurities, clean diesel fuel from sirchanovystyh compounds, removing methane from synthesis gas. Research interests Assoc. Burtnoyi I.A. devoted to solving the issues of environmental safety of the environment and the development of energy-saving technology using polymeric membranes.

Citation index in the Google search engine is 4.