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Bioengineering and Engineering

     KARACHUN Vladimir Vladimirovich  - professor, founder chair and of its first head.

   Doctor of technical sciences, professor, author of about 700 scientific and technical publications. Renowned scientist - mechanic. He published 23 monographs, 8 textbooks, including English, has more than 50 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine. Prepared by 2 doctors and 6 candidates science. Member of two specialized councils on thesis defense. Member of two specialized councils on thesis defense. Academic Aerospace Academy of Ukraine, Academician of the International Academy of navigation and traffic control. Citation index in the Google search engine is 54. The founder of the scientific direction of the department - Noise and vibration.

The award-governmental and departmental awards. He was awarded honorary breastplates of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", "For scientific achievements," "Peter May", "Author" - for the development of higher education in Ukraine.

The main lecture courses:

- Theoretical Mechanics;

- Analytical Mechanics;

- Noise and vibration equipment for pharmaceutical and microbiological industry.

- Mathematical treatment of experimental studies.