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Bioengineering and Engineering

RUZHYNSKE Ludmila Ivanivna – associate professor, candidate of technical sciences.

     Author more than 100 scientific papers, including the 1st monographs, 3 textbooks, 20 copyright certificates and patents Ukraine. She prepared 2 candidates of technical sciences, 16 Masters, head of three graduate students.

Works on the study of processes for production of alternative energy carriers and the development of membrane technologies separation of mixtures of organic liquids. She was awarded Honorary Diploma the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Citation index in the Google search engine is 27.

Provides teaching subjects:

- "Process and apparatus biotech industries";

- "Computer-aided design equipment pharmaceutical and microbiological industry";

 - "Modern equipment microbiological and pharmaceutical industry";

- "Principles of Design";

- “Biotechnological methods and equipment production nontraditional energy carriers”.