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Bioengineering and Engineering

SHYBETSKYY Vladislav Yuriyovich– assistant department.

   He graduated in 2009 year magistracy of NTUU "KPI" with "Honours" in "Equipment pharmaceutical and microbiological industry."

The creative legacy of 35 works including 7 patents for utility model; textbook "Robotic systems and complexes pharmaceutical and biotech industries" stamped NTU "KPI", user "hardware circuits pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Drawing up and requirements for the registration of "approved by NTUU "KPI", 5 guidelines to implement practical and laboratory work, degree and course projects, as well as articles in scientific journals, abstracts at national and professional conferences. Awarded Diplomas Kyiv City State Administration for research projects in the competition "Intelligence young - to serve the capital." Twice, in 2005 year and 2007 year, awarded diplomas Research Society undergraduate and graduate students of NTUU "KPI". Laureate of the mayor of Kiev, 2006 year.

Academic disciplines are provided:

- Processes and apparatus biotech industries;

- Computer equipment design pharmaceutical and microbiological industry;

- Repair, installation and operation of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries;

- Fundamentals of;

- Descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics. Computer graphics special equipment;

- Information.