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The Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics trains highly qualified specialists to work in the most modern branches of biotechnology: microbial synthesis of biologically active compounds, immunobiotechnology, genetic engineering biotechnology, biotechnology of pharmaceuticals, ecobiotechnology, bioenergy, biodestruction and waste utilization, extraction of useful substances from biomass and waste, biotesting pollution, engineering support of biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Faculty graduates work in engineering and management positions at microbiological, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industry enterprises; in research institutes; in project organizations; in control and analytical and certification laboratories of Ukraine and abroad.

We are recruiting:

       for full-time and part-time education,

       by state order and at the expense of individuals and legal entities.

We teach:

       bachelors - on the basis of complete secondary education,

       in the following specialty: 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering


Educational program: "Biotechnologies" 

Rules of admission to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 2022 






Admission to study - budget and at the expense of individuals and/or legal entities (contract) is based on the results of the national multi-subject test (NMT) or the 2019, 2020, 2021 (ЗНО) certificates and the results of the review of the motivation letter.

National multi-subject test (NMT):

  • Ukrainian language - 0.35
  • Mathematics - 0.35
  • History of Ukraine - 0.3
  • Letter of motivation*

The minimum competitive score for the budget is 125

The minimum competitive score for the contract is 100

Key dates of the NMT main session

The cost of one year of full-time bachelor's training is 25,000 hryvnias, correspondence - 15,000 hryvnias.

Tuition fees for the 2022/2023 academic year

* A letter of motivation is written information in an arbitrary form about your interest in joining Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the corresponding expectations, achievements in education and other activities, own strengths and weaknesses.


Biotechnology and bioengineering is an interdisciplinary field that arose at the junction of biological, chemical and technical sciences, therefore, choosing this specialty, you will actually receive three educations at the same time! Specialists in the specialty "Biotechnology and bioengineering" know exactly how to obtain medical drugs, food additives and biologically active substances, provide agriculture with bacterial fertilizers, plant protection products, renewable energy sources in order to reduce the scale of pollution of the planet with various wastes, work on the creation of new organisms using methods bioengineering, model biological processes and create medicines using bioinformatics methods. Do you want to make this world a better?

Choose specialty 162 "Biotechnologies and bioengineering"!

  - Department of Industrial Biotechnology and Biopharmacy

  - Department of Bioenergy, Bioinformatics and Ecobiotechnology

  - Department of Biotechnology and Engineering


Entrants will be able to register an electronic account from July 1, and submit applications from July 29 to August 23. According to the state order (budget), you can submit up to 5 applications with an indication of priority - from the highest (1) to the lowest (5) of your choice. Up to 20 applications can be submitted for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities (contract). All applications submitted for admission to state-sponsored studies automatically participate in the tender for the contract. The recommendation for enrollment under the state order will be provided on August 29, and by September 2 you must submit the original documents in person or with the help of an overlay on scanned copies of your documents with a qualified electronic signature. All the key dates of the introductory campaign can be found at the link - keep your finger on the pulse and don't miss the important things!


It is important to know!

The maximum possible number of submitted applications by state order + at the expense of individuals and/or legal entities (bachelor's degree, master's degree): 5+20 applications (budget + contract).

Important: no limit on the number of specialties.

For the competitive selection of persons who, on the basis of a complete general secondary education, enter the first course to obtain a bachelor's degree, the following are considered:

1. Points of the national multi-subject test in the Ukrainian language (first subject), mathematics (second subject) and history of Ukraine (third subject), or external independent assessment points of 2019-2021 from three competitive subjects (in any combination) provided by the Rules admission in one of these years for the relevant specialties (specialization, subject specialty, competitive proposal) and the source of funding.

2. The results of the 2019-2021 external independent assessment of the Ukrainian language and literature/Ukrainian language, mathematics and/or the history of Ukraine may, at the request of the applicant, be counted instead of the corresponding subjects of the national multi-subject test, if the difference in the points of the national multi-subject test and the external independent assessment with the corresponding subject does not exceed 15 points.

3. Please note: if the total competitive point, taking into account all coefficients, exceeds 200, then it is set to 200.

4. Within the framework of specialty 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering:

  • regional coefficient (RC) - 1.00;
  • industry coefficient (IC) - 1.00;
  • rural coefficient - cancelled!



You can get more detailed information:


by phone of the FBT selection commission hotline: +38(099) 541-46-16;


You can write us a letter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


visit the FBT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FBT.kpi.ua


or chat with our students and find out the latest information about admission on our social media page: https://t.me/abit_fbt