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        National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (Igor Sikorsky KPI) is one of the largest and most famous higher educational institutions in Europe, which trains specialists in accordance with the priority areas of development of Ukraine and the world. In January 2001, the first Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnology in Ukraine was established at NTUU “KPI” on the basis of the Department of Biotechnology of the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry, headed by L. Shinkarenko. Kyiv Polytechnic was the founder not only of a new direction of training, but also a new view of modern realities of life. From 2006 to 2021 the faculty was headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Oleksiy Dugan.

Today, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics, which since 2021 has been headed by the Dean, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Tetiana Todosiichuk, has 3 departments:


·  Industrial biotechnology and

·  Biotechnics and engineering

·  Bioenergy, bioinformatics and     ecobiotechnology         


Biotechnology is the science of obtaining the necessary human products and materials using living organisms and special equipment - biotechnic:

  • Industrial biotechnology develops and implements in practice the technology of obtaining biologically active substances, drugs, food additives, bacterial fertilizers, plant protection products, etc.;
  • Engineering and Biotechnic is an important component of any industrial process of obtaining biotechnological and pharmaceutical products, so it is necessary to design modern equipment in the industry;
  • Ecobiotechnology and bioenergy gives mankind a renewable energy source - alcohols, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, obtained on the basis of developed technologies for bioconversion of industrial and agricultural waste;
  • Bioinformatics allows you to model biotechnological processes at the stages of development of industrial technologies, analyze and predict the properties of new biological structures and molecules. 





Levels of higher education. Training of students at the FBT is carried out at three levels of higher education.

At the first level (Bachelor's course), the students acquire fundamental knowledge in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer engineering, biology and special disciplines. During the fourth year, they prepare and defend the bachelor’s thesis and acquire a bachelor's degree.

At the second level (Master’s course) students acquire relevant professional skills including laboratory practice. Applicants prepare and defend a master's theses and acquire a master's degree.

The Master's course (professional program) is aimed at the engineering and production implementation of biotechnology and involves the design of production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The master's thesis contains an engineering project of production one of the biotechnological or pharmaceutical products.

The Master's course (scientific program) is aimed at research work in the biotechnological direction and involves students conducting their own scientific research in the laboratories of departments or partner institutes. The master's thesis contains the results of the student's own scientific research under the guidance of the teacher and can be the basis for future scientific activity, including for further admission to PhD-program.

The third educational-scientific level – postgraduate studies. Applicants defend their dissertations and they are awarded the educational qualification of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 

Terms and language of training:

Bachelor – 4 years, in Ukrainian only;

Master (professional program) – 1 year 4 months, in Ukrainian/in English;

Master (scientific program) – 1 year 9 months, in Ukrainian/in English:

PhD – 4 years, in Ukrainian/in English.



For the foreign citizens in 2023 all processes submitting documents,

taking entrance exams, studying during the academic year

can be carried out extramural (distance)

Specialty 162 Biotechnologies and Bioengineering

162 Master-science program

162 Master-professional program

162 PhD-program

Specialty 091 Biology

091 PhD-program


Program of complex professional test "Biotechnologies" (master) 

Program of complex professional test "Biotechnologies" (PhD)

Program of complex professional test "Biology" (PhD)