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Ecobiotechnology and bioenergy are the choice of future,
the global perspective for human civilization…

Welcome to the web-site of the Department of environmental biotechnology and bioenergy (DEB) of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, which is a subdivision of Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics and trains engineers in “Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy”.

The Department was founded in 2004 as a new educational, research and development department of NTUU “KPI”, for identification and creation new branches in modern biotechnology – environmental biotechnology, and power engineering – bioenergy. Ecobiotechnology and bioenergy are aimed for fundamental study of biological systems for usage them in energetic, environmental protection and management, protection of biodiversity by searching and developing new technological and engineering approaches, materials and devices.

The formation of the Department was caused by the requirement of the labor market in highly qualified specialists with the system of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of biotechnology, bioenergy, bioelectrochemistry and ecology.

NTUU “KPI” obtained the educational license to provide educational activity in Specialty “Ecobiotechnology” in 2005, and in 2008 the license to prepare specialists with Master’s degree was also obtained.

Main concept