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Department of Industrial Biotechnology and Biopharmacy

  • The main directions of scientific work of the department:
  • Biotechnology of microbial synthesis of vitamins.
  • Genetic activity of nanocomposites and chemical contamination of agricultural and food products, cosmetics, and household chemicals.
  • The use of biotechnology and biotechnology in medicine.
  • Biochemistry and biotechnology of higher basidiomycetes.
  • Development of technology for probiotic preparations based on lactate bacteria.
  • Biotechnology and finished pharma products of bacteriolytic enzymes and antibiotics.
  • Development of tools in-vitro-diagnostics of infectious diseases and hormonal disorders.
  • Biotechnology of fungal carotenoids. Enzyme systems of the genus Polyporus.
  • Biotechnology of polysaccharides obtained from higher basidiomycetes.

 Department of Biotechnics and Engineering

  • The main directions of scientific work of the department:
  • Development of membrane systems for private households.
  • The vibration of flat and shell fragments under the influence of kinematic and wave spatial factors.
  • Terms of occurrence of the wave coincidence and spatial-frequency resonances.
  • Implementation of acoustically transparent structures.
  • Remote control of heat transfer process in a bioreactor with an ultrasonic beam.
  • Membrane technologies of mixtures treatment.
  • Modeling of physical processes in biotechnological equipment.
  • Intensification of heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics in biotechnological equipment.
  • Mathematical modeling techniques in biotechnology.

Department of Bioenergy, Bioinformatics and Environmental Biotechnology

  • The main directions of scientific work of the department:
  • Modern technology of biological wastewater treatment.
  • Development of microbial fuel cells to produce electricity and hydrogen
  • Biotechnology producing of energy carriers (methane, hydrogen, alcohols, etc.) from the organic wastes of different origins.
  • Studies on the impact of physical and chemical factors on the change in microalgae metabolism to produce energy carriers, biologically active substances, and drugs.
  • Development of a new magnetic dosage form for targeted drug delivery to the tumor.
  • The study of self-organization processes in the system metal-electrolyte in a constant magnetic field.
  • Investigation of self-organization processes in the metal-electrolyte system in a constant magnetic field.
  • Magnetically controlled biosorption of heavy metal ions by S.cerevisiae yeasts in a constant field with the use of the system of ferromagnetic elements.
  • Microstructure of metal surfaces by electrodeposition and controlled corrosion in the magnetic field.
  • Development of high gradient magnetic matrix and designs of magnetic separators.
  • Development of new methods for producing magnetically controlled sorbents, including biosorbents for biomedical purposes.