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The first Ukraine Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics (FBT) was founded in January 2001 at the Igor Sikorsky KPI on the base of the Department of Biotechnology of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Biotechnology is the science of obtaining required for people materials and products with the use of living organisms and special equipment – bioengineering.


The Faculty provides training of highly qualified professionals for modern sectors of biotechnology: microbial synthesis of biologically active compounds, immune- biotechnology, genetic engineering biotechnology, biotechnology of pharmaceutical drugs, eco biotechnology, bioenergetics, biodegradation of wastes, obtaining a useful substance from the biomass and wastes, bio testing of pollutions, engineering support of biotechnological and pharmaceutical productions, molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Graduates of the Faculty can develop and implement the latest technological processes and design equipment for biotechnological and pharmaceutical productions, monitor and protect the environment from man-made impacts competently and scientifically, and simulate biotechnological processes to determine the optimum conditions of biosynthesis, destruction of wastes, and optimization of damaged ecosystems through the widespread use of the most advanced mathematical methods and computer technology.